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Structure advantages
    Publish time 2019-12-27 09:32    
Structure advantages

1,furnace insulation materials imported from Japan: insulation bricks B5, anti-carburizing brick LBK-23, paste imported from Japan P-150;

   2, electrical parts: Adopts Schneider inverter, relays, contactors; PLC program controller uses the Japanese original Mitsubishi Q series; the inverter motor, reducer, motor, pump products are used in Taiwan;

   3, the control system is controlled by a unified interface, the device that is beautiful and easy to operate, reflects the degree of automation;

   4, both ends of the roller adopts high temperature resistance bearing with good sealing degree;

   5, the heating use of radiant heating of radiant tube, connected with high-temperature resistance wire to connect heating element to ensure the extension after heating element heated;

   6, hardening furnace and tempering furnace adopts power controller (Taiwan Jiqi);

   7, in order to get good insulation adopts Japan Aesop Wright insulation cotton and nano-plate;

   8, quenching furnace material unloading adopts SUS310 casting tripod, so that the workpiece does not remain in the furnace, to prevent the workpiece quenching overtime.

   9, Adopts US imported atmosphere controller, the device can make an accurate determination of atmosphere in the furnace, equipped with automatic carbon potential equalizer;

   10, The gasification chamber adopts entire centrifugal casting SUS310, the bottom three-hole design, long life, uniform gasification.