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Working principle of automatic cold header
Source: | Author:pro2f61ac | Published time: 2019-12-02 | 2181 Views | Share:
Modern automatic cold heading machine has been increased from the past simple two worktables location up to the present domestic newer varieties have 5 die 6 mold die long automatic cold heading machine using metal plastic, pressure or cold drawn with cold mechanics, and achieve the purpose of deformation of metal solid at room temperature the rod or wire at the top of the heavy forging forming method of cold heading is mainly used in the manufacture of bolt and nut nails rivet and steel parts forging stock material can be copper, aluminum carbon steel alloy steel stainless steel and titanium alloy, etc., material utilization of up to 80 ~ 90% cold heading in special automatic cold heading machine, more easy to achieve continuous Multi-station automatic production in automatic cold heading machine can complete the cutting order material upsetting forming chamfering rub silk reducing accumulation and trimming process, such as high efficiency, can reach more than 300 pieces per minute and the diameter of the largest cold heading workpiece was 48 mm bar by conveying mechanism automatically sent to a certain length, cutting mechanism to cut it into blank, then sent by the clamp body, in turn, sent to the backlog of shape and forming punching station.

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